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About us

Some of you may know Mavericks as an epic, local surf spot off the stunning California coastline. Mavericks is a place of dangerous swells - the most beautiful and daunting waves imaginable. Here you’ll stumble on brave souls, paddling out into unknown territory, ready to tackle the ominous waves breaking on the shore.

So, why Mavericks?

The Hohman family hails from Southern California- a place brimming with energy and lively with Mexican culture. We are no strangers to shredding the waves, burning late-night beach bonfires, chowing down on fresh fish tacos, hopping the border to Mexico for a surf trip, and donning the sunburnt, smiling faces that are a signature Southern California trait.

To us, Mavericks is not just a surf spot. Being a Maverick means being an independent individual. A Maverick is someone who is unique, prepared to take a risk, and ready for adventure. It means being one of the few who are willing to venture into unknown waters for the exhilaration of that one wave.

We are all Mavericks, in a sense. Mavericks is the risk we took to bring our culture, food, and good vibes to you.

Are you ready for the wave of a lifetime? Are you a Maverick?

Come find out with us! Raise your margarita, hang loose and stay salty, my friends!